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It is with a heavy heart that we tell family and friends of the passing of our beloved Kathy J. Henderson this October 2013. Kathy, loving mother and beloved wife, had battled very aggressive cancer that was known to take people very quickly. But she fought it aggressively and determinedly and lived many years beyond what even her doctors thought she could. In the entire time she continued being active in the community and causes near and dear to her heart and continuing on the journey with her life partner and husband, Roy. When she departed this life to begin her next journey she was with family and left peacefully. The family is planning two gatherings to celebrate Kathy's life...one on Saturday October 26th near her Cold Brook, NY home with another in the Spring near Baltimore. Her beauty, her joy, her love of life will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Here is a link to the official obituary:

Kathryn J. Henderson Obit'


Sad news comes to us as we hear that Bevra Brunotte has passed due to complications from a long going illness. Bevra had been fighting cancer for sometime and finally went to her rest Wednesday, July 27th while in nursing care. Bernard, her husband and soulmate, says that after a brief visit of family and a move back to palliative care, Bevra seemed at ease and smiled with him before he left that afternoon. Bernard says that he will be planning a memorial and as soon as we know the details we will let everyone know. Rest in peace Bevra.



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The news is sad out of North Manlius. William George (Bill) Henderson passed away due to complications in his battle with health issues over these last months. Family was with him in his last moments as well as the preceding weeks. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Connie and the entire family in these times of grieving.

Below is Uncle Bill's obituary from the Syracuse Post Standard July 6th, 2010


William Henderson Sr. July 4, 2010 William Henderson Sr., 78, of Kirkville, died Sunday, July 4, in St. Joseph's Hospital surrounded by his family. William served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. He was a retired AT&T employee. Surviving are his wife, Constance; his son, William Jr.; his daughter, Melanie; his sister, Violet Manning; three grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. At his request, there will be no calling hours or services. Arrangements by Butler-Badman F.H., Inc.


God's Speed Uncle Bill




The passing of an era. We are happy to report that finally after a ridiculously long drawn out process of probate, rebate, and assignments both of the houses have been moved on into their next roles in life! The North Manlius property has gone to a young deserving family with plans of refurbishing the interior close to it's original style maintaining it's community outward appearance with upgrades to it's internal workings. The Eastwood home went on the market and was finally sold through a real estate broker to a local family in the city. Now, with both homes gone on to other deserving families, the out-of-towner Henderson's will be relying on the kindness of family when visiting for holidays and other occasions. So starts the next chapter.

June 2008   What a difference a year makes!! Wes successfully completed his Freshman year and finished on the Dean's List. Roy gave his notice at his job and joined the ranks of the retired. He and Kathy have pulled up stakes and are now permanent residents of Utica and all the peace and quiet one can ask for. He continues to complete their new house and is a constant visitor to daughter Wendy. Kathy still travels back and forth to Baltimore on occasion and is maintaining her health. Kim has no problem traveling to Syracuse regularly to help Roy and Kathy with the continual cleaning, organizing, and dumping of the "stuff" in the two houses to finalize Mom and Dad's estate, especially now since he got a new Honda Ridgeline to help in the commute. It has done yeoman duty in a few tows of "stuff" so far and sees plenty of highway miles as Kim's area of responsibility with his job keeps expanding. Eve made the trip up to Syracuse a few times to meet the 'sibs' and help in the heave ho'ing as well as some departmental issues and tied the whole trip in with a visit to Dean. George continues to write the monthly Divisional Reports column in SportsCar magazine and for about 9 months was a regular featured call-in host on a weekly internet Racing Entertainment and information show, 'Shifting Gears', that is now on hiatus awaiting more sponsorship dollars and a bigger venue...that's show biz talk for "They were canceled." But, like Lazarus and the Phoenix, they could rise again. Stay tuned.

Wes continues to advance his motorsports resume and college education. He has just returned from blisteringly hot southern California where he and a team of his compatriots represented his university in the Formula SAE competition held at California Speedway in Fontana. The Society of Automotive Engineers designed the competition to test all aspects of the student's ability in concept, fund raising, design, engineering, and competition. Wes and the team outscored more than half of the 84 teams in attendance and came home with 'Rookie of The Year' honors and the 'Perseverance Award for First Time Entrants'. Plus he got to see the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, and eat sushi in Beverley Hills!

Since most of the family is moved up north of the city now we figured that we should take a page from Kim's book and pick up a reliable transport that shouldn't have any trouble in the north country winters or negotiating Roy's driveway, so we are the proud owners of a Dodge Durango 4X4. It should be able to tow anything short of a semi trailer and with the electric overdrive tranny we get @ 18.5 miles to the gallon. So we hope to see you all real soon!

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June 2007 We are extremely proud to celebrate the addition of another High School Graduate to the family! Wes graduated from St. John The Baptist Diocesan High School 16th in class with High Honors AND was the recipient of the first and one time only 'Monsignor James C. Vlaun Communications Award', "The Vlauny", in recognition for "outstanding contributions to St. John the Baptist TV and Communications." The award as well as his academic diploma was presented to him by the Bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Center, The Most Reverend William Francis Murphy, S.T.D., L.H.D. The 387 grads all walked across the stage at the famous Tilles Center on the campus of C.W. Post College in Old Westbury, NY where they were awarded their diplomas by past alumni.

After the ceremony we, and the families of Wes' friend Chris Bynoe, all retired to the VFW Hall near home where a congratulatory "YOU DID IT!" party and celebration was held. Prodigious amounts of food and drink appeared and music and incriminating posters were on hand to make sure all had a wonderful time. After the embarrassing 'poster autograph session' the highlight of the party was the cutting of the cake that had icing in the form of a picture of Wes and his friend Chris graduating from GRADE SCHOOL!! Welcome to the 21st century. Family and friends from both near and far either attended or sent congratulatory messages and a wonderful time was had by all.

Now Wes has taken the next step in the journey of his life by starting college studies at Polytechnic University for a Mechanical Engineering degree. He decided to hold off on pursuing the Aeronautical Engineering degree until later while he still looks to have a career as a professional race car driver. His passion for speed continues to grow while learning about marketing, promotion, presentation, funding, and rejection. Add into this the fact that he has also successfully earned his Operator's Permit (driver's license) and is now looking to get a car! And ONLY two years AFTER he had earned his Competition Racing License! Time flies and children grow up so fast.

We're sure that this is an occurrence that is taking place with all of the family at this time. Be sure to send us the info regarding your joyous events for publication in the NEWS section.

May 2007 The family continues to work at the houses in Eastwood and North Manlius and many of us are finding out what a concerted effort it is taking to organize, categorize, and sometime just simply identify decades and decades of collections, keepsakes, mementos, and STUFF! A lot of the things are planned to go to family members that have a desire for them. Some will be donated to organizations that have a need. And some will be sold at upcoming yard sales. In the mean time keeping the properties in livable shape is the main priority.

Roy and Kathy will soon be permanent residents of the neighboring area, along with daughter extraordinaire who has already taken permanent residence not too far away, as the construction of their house is nearing completion. Roy, the reluctantly elected 'Grizzly Adams' of the family is looking forward to retirement at the end of the Spring and has all sorts of plans on how to make the new 'Ponderosa' as Green and energy efficient as possible. Things like solar collectors, natural convection heating, Southward facing windows, all planned throughout the construction, will make the house barely a blip on the Carbon Footprint indicator!

Wendy has started growing all sorts of alien vegetation indoors and is planning to transplant it (them?) outdoors. She weathered her first real Winter in her new house just fine and is getting to know the local flora and fauna.

There is a planned celebration of Mom and Dad's time with us here to be held at their final resting place either late this Spring or early this Summer. As there are some family members that will be traveling great distances the exact timing has not been finalized. Keep watching this spot for updates on the time line.

I haven't been exactly punctual in keeping the Henderson East web pages updated due to a bunch of things going on in our lives and I will try to be more timely in the future. One of the things that has taken a lot of my attention away is Wes going to college interviews in preparation of his High School graduation this June! I'm proud to say that he pretty much ACED his high school years, keeping a 94% average across the 4 years and being Magna Cum Laude for each of the 4 years. He graduates in the top 7% of his class with an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors. He was accepted at all of the Universities he applied to and after paring it down to the two that most interested him he has decided to attend Polytechnic University in Brooklyn to study Mechanical Engineering. I'm sort of relieved he decided to wait to study Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle down in Florida due to how far away it is. But he plans to do that after Poly.

Eve successfully competed with the rest of the ladies in her Sweet Adelines chorus at the Regional Competition down in Philadelphia and the girls did really well, especially considering that just before competition they lost two of their long time members to illness, one a past director and one a current director! But they carried on and represented themselves really well. Then, when getting back home Eve was elected to the Board of Directors after already being the chorus booking agent. Things are just 'singing' along!

Kim's job has had him all up and down the eastern seaboard and some points west as well as he continues to do product education and implementation for his company. As a matter of fact, he was doing so much road travel that he decided to trade in the Chrysler and buy a Honda Ridgeline! The Ridgeline is a combination four door mid sized SUV and pickup truck that rides like a luxury car and can haul tons of stuff! He says it rides even nicer that the Chrysler. Kathe also likes the comfort of the Honda and will be riding with Kim when she's not teaching voice lessons to her students in Ambler.

I'm still doing the monthly article for Sports Car magazine and just recently did a feature piece on a new racing series getting started in the States. I'm currently involved with a new venture start up that will be a stepping stone for young drivers in this country to make it to the upper echelons of motorsports. I also am the chairman for a number of events at Lime Rock Park this season so I'll be busy putting that all together.

All in all we're doing what we all do. We look forward to hearing what others members of the family are doing, planning, and their experiences as well. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know so we can list it here for everyone to share.

Doris passed away today, October 26, 2006, quietly, in her sleep, with members of her family standing near. Her condition had deteriorated rapidly over the last few weeks as is the nature of this particularly horrendous disease, but she remained strong and steadfast of mind and spirit as she approached the end of this life with dignity.

Many lifelong friends and family spent time with her over these last weeks while she was in the care of Hospice and all will have wonderful memories fresh in their minds of the loving and wonderful care she received while there at Francis House.

While we are all terribly saddened by what we feel is an unfair and untimely end, we must remember that Doris accepted and decided herself how she would go to the next life with decisions to go to Alterra and then Francis House and, ultimately, into God's care. Her strength and resolve are lessons for us all and she was 'Mom' to the end.

Now she is with her beloved Wesley and suffering no more as they make the ultimate journey that we all must into the next chapter.

God Speed Mom.

A memorial service remembering Mom's life is planned for Sunday November 5th at 11:30am at North Manlius United Church, Adams Rd. in North Manlius.   There will be a gathering   after  the memorial ceremony at the church. There will also be an obituary announcement in The Post Standard on Thursday, November 2nd.


Doris has moved from Alterra Wynwood to Hospice at Francis House in Syracuse. The move was as smooth and undisturbing for her as possible. Doris felt that it was time to make this move to the more dedicated care and facilities that Francis House could provide for her in this time of need. She was very sad to say goodbye to the staff and friends that she made while she was at Alterra. And they were all sad to see her go as well. But she is doing as well as can be expected as she continues to try to maintain the little strength she has. The staff at Francis House Hospice are caring and attentive to her needs and was extremely helpful in getting her into a bright, cheerful room. This is the time that she needs to be made as comfortable as possible and Francis house was the right move to take. The family has been making regular trips to be with Doris and maintain the Homesteads while Doris is being cared for and Sandra has been a constant companion throughout the entire matter. As a matter of fact the family got together to celebrate Doris' birthday just before she moved from Alterra to Francis House. She was in great spirits and happy to see all that came for cake and ice cream. Pictures of the celebration are on the "Photos 2" page. Please keep Doris in all of your prayers as she makes this effort to keep quality of life in her fight against this terribly debilitating disease.

Sadly, Doris has to continue to fight the devastating effects of the ALS that she was diagnosed with almost 3 months ago. She is being seen now by one of the most knowledgeable physicians in the study of this disease and his staff. Steps are being taken to provide her as much comfort as possible while she moves through this stage and family and friends commute and visit with her regularly and interface with care staff. Her speaking is very minimal at this point and whereas she would love to hear and speak with you she can't. But she would love to get letters and cards from you! Send to her at Doris, Rm. 276, Alterra Wynwood, 100 Flume Rd., Manlius, NY  13104.                                                                                                                    

In related but different news Roy and Kathy have purchased a sprawling tract of property in the Utica area and are planning to build their ecologically friendly dream home only an hour or so from mom and granddaughter, Wendy, also has moved into her new home with all the animals again just a stone's throw from mom and dad. Aunt Eve and she have already gone traipsing through the woods, identifying birds, flora and fauna, and the occasional pile of bear pooh as she is loving her new surroundings. The closer proximity to mom by the family has helped tremendously in this trying time.                                                    

Down in the Southern tier Wes has made the progression from Junior High school student to Senior High school student, again finishing on the school's Academic Honor Roll 'Magna Cum Laude', with induction's into the 'National Spanish Language Honor Society' and the 'New York State Science and Math Honor Society' and received notice that he is currently in the top 12% of his class. He continues to race his Grand Prix racing kart in races in New York, New Jersey, and the Tri-state area, and recently has spoken to racing great, Lyn St. James in preparation of possibly attending her Racing Advancement program that has helped others further their careers in Motorsports. The college selection process is in full swing as well, as the amount of recruitment brochures arriving at the mailbox is tremendous! A little time off for decompression during the summer and then right back into it for a strong senior year.

Eve was recently honored at a special ceremony at the Brooklyn campus of Polytechnic University as she and her compatriots were given awards commemorating 20 years of service in the university system. She continues to be the guiding and organizational force behind the success of the Polytechnic Graduate Center on the Island.


Can you believe it's a new year already?? Sadly the news is not all rosy. Doris had a pretty disastrous end to 2005 that started with her not making the full and complete recovery from her last surgery that we had all hoped for. And to add icing to the cake...she had a horrible fall that resulted in a broken tail bone and a fracture of T-11 in her back. This resulted in a prolonged stay in rehab and a move to an assistive living facility. The good news is that the place she is was the one that she had intimated that if she ever had to go to such a place...she would want it to be that one. Kim, Roy, Eve, and Kathy have been alternating time at the houses, keeping them secure and getting them in order and Sandra, Bernard and Bevra, as well as a few local friends and neighbors have all been there to help her through this difficult time. Those of you wishing to send her good wishes can do so at the house address till further notice.

In other news, Roy and Kathy are putting the warm climes of Baltimore behind them and developing a Ponderosa on 200+ acres up in central New York, not far from where Roy grew up and easily commutable to see mom and Dean when they wish. Kim has found himself more and more on the road conducting training for his job in the rapidly growing home entertainment industry and Kathe continues to instruct developing music students. Eve is continuing to keep the college graduate center she manages growing and George is still in forced retirement but expanding his resume now as a featured monthly writer for a national motorsports magazine.

Wes took a major step in his dream to having a career in motorsports this year...due to an exemplary year in school dad gave him a three day Grand Prix Competition school at the Bertil Roos Racing School at Pocono Speedway in Pennsylvania. Over the three days Wes learned how to operate a manual clutch and stick shift, vehicle chassis and suspension dynamics, and high speed race craft in open wheel, Indy type Formula racecars, and raced against others in his group, some 40 years his senior, at speeds approaching 130 MPH. At the end of the class Wes had established the fastest time of all in attendance and received his certificate and Regional Racing License allowing him to compete in SCCA competition. Now he wants to go to Daytona!


Doris is home (Eastwood) and her recovery from earlier surgeries is taking a bit longer than we all expected or hoped. She has been complaining of weakness and a shortage of breath so her doctors will look into what could be the cause(s) of this. In the meantime she is going through PT (physical therapy) to build up her strength and maintain her mobility. She tells us of the friends and family that has come by to visit and help out with a few things and how grateful she is. A few of us surprised her on her birthday with a trip to Eastwood and a Chinese dinner and cake. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Those of you that have sent me something to post on the family web page...please forgive me if I haven't posted the item(s) yet. I promise they will get done. A new schedule as a Divisional reporter for the national sports car club that I belong to has usurped the time that I would normally devote to this so I am rearranging my schedule to accommodate all. Thanks for being so patient.

The Henderson East family is mourning the loss of Kathy (Bentley) Henderson's father this April. Kathy, all of us wish you and your family God's love and understanding in this time of grieving and only hope you all come to understand that what's is God's will, we won't always understand until he wishes us to. Take comfort in the fact that we are all here for you when you need us.

Doris did go back into the hospital this April and had the follow up surgery. Her recovery was touch and go for sometime and the children came from all points of the compass to aid in her convalescence. She would love to hear from you all as she continues to try to improve and get stronger.


Wes' broken leg healed up just fine and he went on to play baseball on a local community PAL league team here at home. The young men came from all walks of the community and worked hard to pull together as a team. I'm proud to say that, of the four teams contesting the championship over the twelve weeks, Wes' team, the Wolverines, were victorious and brought home the championship! Check out his Rookie Year Baseball Card picture on the Pictures page. He also went on to capture another season championship in his racing kart by winning the New York Region SCCA Solo II championship in the Formula Jr. class, taking two Fastest Time of Day awards as well competing against full size cars and adult drivers. All this while maintaining a high 90's average and remaining on the "A" Honor Roll at school.

Doris Henderson had major surgery in November and was hospitalized over the Thanksgiving Holiday. It now looks like she will be going back into the hospital in early April for additional surgery. She would love to hear from you and could use your prayers.

The four kittens that were born in the garage last Spring will be celebrating their birthday this March. Two of them were adopted into a great home. MG, the male, and Spridget, his sister were immediately at home with the family of two children and have grown to fill up their available space. The remaining two females and the mother are all quite happy and healthy and are the queens of the house. If you see their picture now compared to those on the 'Pets' page, their growth is incredible. And now to add to the pandemonium that has become our household Eve managed to adopt ANOTHER stray kitten...well in all fairness to her, it's more like it searched her out and adopted her! So the result is a net gain of one kitten, Cammy, and our little house gets smaller.

Eve has rejoined her chorus and now sings with Twin County Chorus again as well as with her Quartet. But there was a mix up in the paperwork and the chorus name, "Anything Goes", was swiped by another group so we will have to wait to see what they end up being called! Check Eve's page occasionally for updates.

Kim has adapted to 'Life on the Road' as his job has him commuting almost daily from Philly to either Long Island or Maryland! The bad news WAS that he was racking up the highway miles on his Intrepid...the good news IS that he is now the proud owner of a NEW Chrysler 300!. The Intrepid went on a trade-in and Kim is now motoring in high style!! But still, Kathe must be a tad concerned with all the miles and time he has to put in away from home. Thank God for cellular communication!

And now Kathy Henderson has made the big jump into the cyber world with her new page "HELLO WORLD" on her 'Kathy's Page'. Check there regularly for info and insights and her personal points of view on soup to nuts and life. the universe, and everything.

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